About Tiffany

Personal Statement:

I am passionate about tennis and take pride in my positive attitude and work ethic.

Quick Stats:

Birthday: March 14, 1980
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Residence: Bradenton, FL
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Marital Status: Single

Tennis Style of Play: Aggressive baseliner, right handed.
PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) Certified Coach
Racquet: Babolat Pure Drive Plus
Stings: Babolat VS Touch (main strings) and Babolat Conquest (cross strings) at 62 pounds tension.
Clothing: Looking for sponsorship.
Shoes: Looking for sponsorship.

Career Highlights:

* 1998 Florida Junior Singles #1
* 2000 Hallendale, FL $10,000 tournament champion.
* 2000 Women's Open, Boca Raton, FL tournament champion
* 2001 Women's Open, West Palm Beach, FL tournament champion
* 2002 USTA Challenger, Columbus, OH $75,000 singles semifinalist
* 2003 USTA Challenger, Raleigh, NC $25,000 singles and doubles tournament champion
* 2004 Hamanako, Japan $10,000 singles champion
* 2004 Fukuoka, Japan $50,000 singles semifinalist
* 2004 Nigeria $25,000 (October 4) singles finalist and doubles semifinalist
* 2004 Nigeria $10,000 (October 18) singles champion
* 2005 US Open: Qualified for the singles Main Draw by winning three consecutive qualifying matches
* 2006 Tampa, FL USTA $25,000 Challenger singles champion
* 2006 USTA's Circuit Player of the Week (January 15)
* 2006 USTA's Circuit Player of the Week (October 30)
* Ended 2006 as the #5 Ranked Woman in points on the USTA Singles Circuit.


* My hobbies are reading, running on the beach, listening to music, dancing (I love my hip hop classes that I take at least once a week when I am home), spending time with friends, playing all sports, and I love watching football (I am a Tampa Bay Bucks fan).

*I enjoy traveling and meeting new people and learning about the cultures of the countries I am visiting.

*Favorite food is Italian, and love pasta especially when in Italy! Favorite movie is "Breakfast At Tiffany's," my dream car is a Porsche Carerra convertible in silver.  Favorite place to visit is Hamburg, Germany.

*My favorite colors are sea green, sky blue and pink.

Q&A with Tiffany (August 24, 2006)

Childhood ambitions: To be a pediatrician and professional tennis player
Fondest memory: Qualifying for the 2005 US Open, with my friends and family there to share the experience with me

Favorite soundtrack: U2 One

Favorite retreat: The Beach

Wildest Dream: To win the US Open and build my dream house on the beach

Proudest moment: Just being there for my Friends and family when they need me

Biggest challenge: Overcoming my fears

My alarm clock is set to go off around 8 am

The perfect day is sleeping in, doing yoga on the beach, spending time being silly with friends, cooking a delicious dinner then dancing all night long until the sun comes up then sleeping on the beach

Indulgence: Chocolate, hot chocolate and popcorn

Last purchase: I love NY tee shirt

First job: Babysitter

Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Inspiration: People who take charge of their lives and go beyond the preconceived limits of our society

My life is... wonderful